Discover How you Can Become the Healthiest, Fittest Version Of Yourself

– Without Fad Diets or Long, Boring Cardio

How to shred fat sustainably, get that healthy body & become Fighting Fit For Life

Are you ready to take control of your health & fitness habits with a realistic, sustainable plan that you can stick to?

“This is literally the best workout program ever!”

You know That You Should Eat Well & Exercise Regularly But You Can Never Seem To Stick To Anything

You’ve tried various diets and workouts programs and sometimes see great results but they never work for you long-term.

Listen, it’s not your fault…

You CAN take control of your health & fitness habits without any restrictive diets or long, boring cardio that you really don’t enjoy.

If you can relate to this problem, we have the solution.

The Fighting Fit Formula (including the new S3 Method) is a three-part system that will help you become the best version of yourself, long-term.

The formula is designed with small, sustainable steps for lasting results however you can start to see amazing results in a matter of days.

In fact, if you start now you could have more energy, confidence and feel healthier, fitter & stronger by next weekend!


Imagine what it would be like to look & feel the best you ever have, have more energy and be the healthiest, fittest version of you without restricting the foods you like or feeling like workouts are a chore!


Using my years of experience as a boxing / fitness coach and nutrition / habits coach I’ve helped many people just like you to become Fighting Fit for life using the Fighting Fit Formula and the S3 Method.

The Fighting Fit Formula is a 12-week program that will:


Allow you to take control of your health & fitness habits for good

You’ll learn the S3 Method so that you no longer have to Yo-Yo diet again. And you’ll have a customised workout program that you enjoy and will stick to.


Burn body fat, improve your fitness and strength with a simple, effective routine that you can easily fit into your busy schedule

No more feeling like exercise is a chore!


Give you the support and accountability that you need

You’re not alone. We’ll be with you every step of the journey and you will also have access to a like-minded community of people.


Transform how you look and feel by improving your energy levels, mental health, confidence, habits, stress levels and so much more!



The 12-week Program which consists of 3 core elements: Exercise, Nutrition and Recovery

Each of them work together to create The Fighting Fit Formula. Everything is tailored to you and designed to fit easily into your busy schedule so that you get the best results possible.


The S3 Method

Learn how to make lasting change to your health & fitness habits. Over the 12 weeks we will help you to understand your own body, nutritional needs and sleep routines for optimal health, energy and performance.

(You won’t be asked to go on a diet or be restricted from foods)


A progressive, 3-Phase workout program that is designed to help you burn body fat whilst building strength

Quick, simple and effective on-demand workouts that you can do at home or at the gym. Plus, you can choose to do them in your own time or have them scheduled into your diary.


Results tracking area so that you can see your progress on paper

Including your weight, measurements, progress photos, sleep and energy levels etc.


Regular check-ins and reviews

To make sure you are always on track and to see if we need to make any changes to your program to help you be successful in reaching your goal.


The Fighting Fit members area

As a member you’ll receive 12 weeks access to our private members area. Your program plus all coaching, trainings and progress tracking will live here.


The Fighting Fit mobile app

Have access to your coach 24/7 with all your trainings, coaching and more in your pocket.


Access to the Facebook Group

Meet other like-minded people, get further support, accountability and join the community. Plus, we host regular coaching, live Q&A’s and post daily bonus content to help you on your journey.


Access to the Fighting Fit eBook, helpful recipe ideas, nutrition guides and sample meal plans.

And just to sweeten the deal..

The first 10 people to join The Fighting Fit Program each month will receive:

  • A FREE 60-minute consultation call with Mark before starting the program to discuss your goals and have your program tailored to you.


  • Bi-Weekly 1-2-1 coaching calls for extra accountability and support.


The price of this program is usually just £597 which I’m sure you’ll agree is amazing value for money.

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One of the reasons for this insane discount that I am offering you is because I want to use YOU as my next success story.

So, in exchange for the discount I would like it if we could use your results as a testimonial?


The Fighting Fit 12-Week Program

The Fighting Fit Formula (Exercise, Nutrition, Recovery)

The S3 Method

Everything mentioned above, for you to become the best version of yourself 


The Fighting Fit 12-Week Program PLUS +

Weekly 1-2-1 Coaching calls

Direct access to your coach 24/7 for EXTRA accountability and support

OPTIONAL: A bespoke meal plan and recipes with calories and macros specific to you and your goals  

Don’t delay as spaces are very limited and go fast!


If you follow the program and don’t start seeing results within 30 days then receive a full 100% refund.



P.S – The Fighting Fit 12 week program, will help you take control of your health & fitness habits long-term so that you can become the best version of yourself.

Don’t delay as spaces are very limited and go fast.

Buy Now with our No Risk 100% money back guarantee.



“I am extremely busy and can never find the time to workout will this work for me?”

Yes. The workouts are designed to be short, sharp and effective. Plus, on our consultation call we can discuss which days / times might work best for you and then schedule the workouts into your diary.

“What if I don’t know how to perform an exercise included in the workout?”

You will get explanations and video demonstrations of all of the exercises so that you can be sure you are doing them correctly.

“I have an injury / recurring injury. Will I be OK?”

We can discuss any injuries that you currently have or have had previously that might affect your workouts and we can adapt the exercises and workouts to suit.

“Do I need to be a member of the gym?”

Completely up to you. All of the workouts can be done at home however if you are a member of the gym and would prefer a gym specific workout then we can adapt the workouts for that.

“Do I need to purchase any equipment?”

You don’t need to have any equipment at all, however if you already have some then we can discuss this and adapt the workouts to suit.

If you would like to eventually purchase some equipment and progress your workouts from bodyweight exercises to weighted exercises then we can discuss this also.

“How many times a week do I need to workout?”

The workouts are flexible so you can do them in your own time. We recommend working out a minimum of 3 times a week to see the best results. In the consultation call we can discuss this though and if need be, schedule your workouts for the days and times you’d like.

If you miss a workout or are unable to do complete one for any reason, no worries just get back on track when you can.

“How long are the workouts?”

This varies for different workouts however on average you should expect to spend 30-45 minutes. None of the workouts should take you any longer than 1 hour to compete.

“Will I have to go on any diet?”

You will not have to follow any diet in particular. We won’t ever suggest that you should stop eating any certain types of food. You will not be asked to eat or drink anything that you usually wouldn’t. 

The program is about helping you understand your food better, eating the foods you enjoy and making some healthy habits so that you get to your goals in the short-term and long-term.

If you are currently on a diet, vegan, intermittent fasting etc and like it that way, that’s totally cool. We will not ask you to change that and will have options for you (see below).

“I am vegan / intermittent fasting do you have options for me?”

Yes, once you have informed us of this, we can give you options specific to this in the program.

"Can I still drink alcohol on your program?”

Again, we won’t restrict you from anything in your diet, including drinks. We will educate and help you to understand your food and drink so that you can make the right choices for yourself.

“How do I contact you to ask a question?”

There’s various ways for us to stay in touch including email, in-app messaging and phone calls. We will be in contact regularly to discuss the program and to ensure you will get the best results possible from it.  

“Do I need to download any software?”

No. You only need to download the App to have access to everything within the program. Throughout the program there might be some recommendations for other apps that will go nicely alongside your program however these are jus recommendations and not necessary.

“Is there a cancellation policy?”

If you follow the program and don’t start seeing results within 30 days then receive a full 100% refund.

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