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Here at Hyperformance Gym our mission is to help YOU become the best you can be through Boxing, Fitness and Nutrition.

​”Helping YOU Become Fighting Fit – Without Getting Hit”

Hyperformance gym is a small, private boxing gym in Berkshire, UK but don’t worry if you are not local as we have many options for you to be able to train with us and reach your goals. 

Whether that is on a 1-2-1 basis, group coaching or online, contact us today and we can come up with a personalised plan specific to you.

There are many benefits to training with us, here’s just a few:

? Learn Boxing (and kicks if you wish!)

? Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight

?‍♂️ Improve Fitness, Cardio and Stamina

?️‍♀️ Build Strength

? Gain Control Over Your Nutrition

? Boost Confidence and Feel Awesome!

? Learn Self-Defence

? And most importantly, Have FUN!

And yes, you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home! We can either travel to you or we will come up with a personalised online training program to get you to your goals as soon as possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Us now to get involved…

Claim Your FREE Session (In-Person or Online)


In-Person Training

There are various ways to train with us in-person including:

  • 1-2-1 Coaching – Train in our private gym, a local park or we can come to you!
  • Group Coaching – Train with a mate, semi-private coaching or come to one of our group classes.

Within each session we will focus on your particular goals, wants and needs and help you get there ASAP.

Claim Your FREE Session

If you really are ready to get started now then why not book a FREE session with us?

If you are local to us then we can arrange your session to be any of the “in-person” options mentioned. 

If you would like to train with us online then we can arrange this too!

We can discuss your current situation, goals etc and get you started on your journey right away!

Online Training

If you are not local to us or you love training at-home / online then there’s a couple of options here for you..

We have various online workouts for you to burn those calories and build strength all whilst learning boxing.

Or if you would prefer a proper, structured  program to really boost you along and help you reach your goals in record time then we can come up with a program for you.


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